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Higher Completion Rates.
Better Leads

Spinwheel’s API significantly shortens your application flow, improves data quality, and lets you send the best leads to partners. All you need from the user is a phone number and birthdate, then we pre-fill all the other data you need for pre-qualification. Our data is verified and includes real-time updates. The leads you send to partners will also have Spinwheel’s tech-enabled capabilities that let lenders take immediate actions, such as balance transfers or payments, on behalf of the user.

⚡ Massively improve completion rates with shorter, faster applications that eliminate 75%+ of the required fields

🛡️ Replace error-prone, manual data entry with real-time, 100% verified consumer data

🚀 Send the most valuable and revenue-ready leads to affiliate partners with higher conversion and performance 

✅ Improve your enrollment and origination rates by up to 5x with better data and user verification

Spinwheel Marketplaces
Spinwheel Marketplaces

How it Works

All we need from the borrower is​:

  • Phone number.
  • Birthdate.

You’ll instantly have a verified user to pass along with all of their relevant information including:

  • 9-digit SSNs
  • Credit scores
  • Existing tradelines
  • Full account numbers
  • Current balances
  • Interest rate
Spinwheel Marketplaces

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1-Click Debt Management

Build a long-term relationship with your users.

With Spinwheel, you’ll get complete visibility into your users’ debt and payment profile, allowing you to provide recommendations and present lending products that match their needs at exactly the right time. Become the go-to platform to help your users understand and optimize their financial health.

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1-Click Debt Management

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