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Build on Greatness

Our Product Pillars are your secret weapon to creating innovative debt solutions.

While we can’t reveal the secrets of our IP, we invite you to get a demo and see for yourself how our tech is helping businesses like yours change the face of consumer debt solutions. Our products are also the backbone to our 1-Click Solutions that can help you launch transformative tech in days instead of months!

Product Pillars
Product Pillars


We’ve reimagined what it looks like to connect to consumer’s debt. All you need is a phone number and birthdate to get access to all debt lines and relevant details. Other solutions require 5 steps including entering username and password for each debt line, so this shortcut increases usage and adoption.

Connect to Consumer Debt with low-code APIs


Our APIs surface individualized opportunities and recommended actions after evaluating all of the consumer’s debt and their goals. On average, companies using Spinwheel Optimize are saving their users $150 per month. Fintech apps, services, and banks are leveraging these savings to acquire more customers and increase deposits. Lenders are using them to keep users engaged.

Real-time Debt Linking & Optimization


With Spinwheel Pay, you can now pay or pay off any debt in as little as a few seconds. No more waiting 6 days for a payment to process. This enables companies to do everything from 1-Click balance transfers to automated payments. Lenders are able to offer direct disbursements which in turn lowers their delinquency and default risk.

Better Debt with Spinwheel APIs


The fastest and easiest way to embed personalized financing opportunities directly into your app. With a streamlined user experience, users can customize their loan terms and get pre-qualified without ever leaving your app – reducing dropoff and increasing completion.

Embedded Financial Solutions

Gamechanging 1-Click Solutions

Our 1-Click Solutions are powered by the 4 Product Pillars. Each solution is both preconfigured and customizable to help you launch transformative tech in days instead of months!

Our solutions will revolutionize the way you do business by eliminating hours of data collection and data verification required by customers and staff. Additionally, our tech seamlessly powers actions to remove risk and churn from your process.

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