The Easiest Way to Transfer Credit Card Balances

Issuers & lender drive acquisition, adaptation, and usage while increasing user lifetime value with our embedded one-click balance transfer solution.

Embedded Financial Tech, Loan & Debt APIs
Embedded Financial Tech, Loan & Debt APIs

Better Results With Our Balance Transfer API & Drop-in Module

Credit Card Issuers

Transferring a balance from an existing, high interest credit card to a new or existing credit card with a lower or 0% interest rate for balance transfers is important to attracting new users to sign up for a new card or get existing users to engage and use a card that they already have.


Paying the funds directly reduces the risk by at least 10%. This also makes it easier for the customer to convert during the loan process.

Spinwheel’s turnkey solution is flexible and works across any partner environment

Full PCI Compliance
Credit Card Look Up Solution
Money Movement, Settlement & Reconciliation
Automatically Track & Report Transactions
Monitor Credit Card Balance by the Borrower

Optimized Spinwheel Experience

Spinwheel transfers and pays off existing card balance in one-click – all within your app or experience.

Embedded Financial Tech, Loan & Debt APIs

User decides to look up all credit cards and selects one or more credit cards from a list of all open credit cards to initiate a transfer.
Alternatively, the user can easily enter the credit card number (PAN), expiration date and amount to be transferred to initiate a transfer.

Embedded Financial Tech, Loan & Debt APIs

User clicks the transfer button and Spinwheel initiates the transfer using the specified source of funds and handles all of the settlement and reconciliation.

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