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Better Student Loan API

The student loan API that’s a full-suite solution you can easily embed into any app or platform.

APIs for Better Loan Management
APIs for Better Loan Management

Optimize Your Business With Our Student Loan API

Spinwheel’s modern liabilities API covers a wide range of industries and transforms any business in need of better debt for their customers or employees.
Student Loan Lenders
Financial Services
Employee Benefits
Financial Wellness Apps
Loyalty and Reward Programs

Transform Your Business

An API Unlike Any Other

Spinwheel’s unique, modern approach to embedded finance provides a repayment experience you won’t find anywhere else, including:

Game-Changing Data

Access to granular loan data for 360° visibility

Optimized Payments

Remove friction with automated, high-impact payments to get borrowers out of debt sooner

Streamlined User Experience

40% less churn means a broader customer base and higher engagement

An Uplifting Approach to Paying Down Debt

By combining robust data with actionable insights, Spinwheel gives you the only debt management solution that empowers borrowers to take control of their debt.


A single source of truth for student loan accounts allows for easy, immediate access to fresh loan data.


Spinwheel’s intelligent financial tools take the guesswork out of student loan repayment.


Scheduled optimized payments keep borrowers on track for real peace-of-mind.

Embedded Financial Data API