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Financial Services

Increase Revenue & Drive Product Adoption

  • Ensure your card is top-of-wallet
  • Go live faster with plug-and-play tools
  • Lower CAC with our refinance network
  • Boost customer’s financial literacy and confidence
Student Debt, Home and Personal Loan APIs
The Problem
CAC are high and eating up your revenue. Legacy tools and lackluster engagement are impacting customer loyalty and creating bottlenecks.
The Solution
Elevate your customer experience with Spinwheel’s innovative debt solutions and build back their confidence with improved financial literacy. Become the top-of-wallet choice by introducing auto-debt, better refinancing capabilities, sharper financial intelligence, and streamline your process to cut costs, and boost revenue.

Better Outcomes & Benefits

Embedded Finance Debt Calculator

Say Hello to More Customers.

Spinwheel’s refi network gets you in front of millions of borrowers fast. Our easy-to-use debt calculator opens up all-new refinance capabilities, so borrowers can make data-driven decisions to improve outcomes, and drive your revenue.

Embedded Finance Tools

Bring Your Card to Top-of-Wallet.

Help customers form healthier relationships with their debt. Embedded finance tools and round-ups provide a creative way to add more ease to their debt repayment, while our added layer of intelligence helps to maximize repayments and promote loyalty.

Embedded Financial Tools

Improve Engagement & Become the Primary Account.

Empower customers to make better decisions around their debt. Spinwheel provides embedded financial tools, plans, and auto-debit capabilities to educate borrowers, increase engagement, and promote good habits.

Real-time Financial Data API

Connections That Always Work. Data That Works For You.

Ensure your customers are able to manage their authenticated accounts anytime, anywhere with one-time connections. Comprehensive, real-time data keeps the information fresh, accessible, and relevant for you and your customers.

Debt and Loan APIs

Give Borrowers More While Spending Less.

Empower your customers with a 360° view of all student, credit card, auto, and mortgage debt for a single-point user experience. Our customizable low-code drop-in module gets you live quicker with robust debt APIs to stay competitive without breaking the bank.

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Case Study > Financial Services
Consumer Finance

This innovative, new-age bank is focused on providing user-friendly financial services to their customers.

Products Used
  • Real-time Debt Linking APIs Pay

The Problem

When customers want to improve their financial outcomes by transferring their balances from expensive lines of credit such as credit cards, they are required to navigate a series of six manual steps which force them to leave the bank or lender’s app to collect information and complete the transaction on their own. This is cumbersome and error-prone as users might pay more than their new line of credit allows, enter in the wrong account information, or drop out of the process.

The Solution

Spinwheel’s Real-time Debt Payoff balance transfer solution streamlines the user experience to two automated steps that all occur within the bank’s app. With fewer steps, all inside of the native app, more users take advantage of this solution and complete the experience quickly while avoiding costly errors.

Spinwheel: Better Outcomes Made Easy

Debt and Loan APIs

Borrower connects their student loan account via the app

Debt and Loan APIs

Once authenticated, you have access to their debt information 

Debt and Loan APIs

Borrowers can start making payments or refinancing right away