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Financial Wellness Apps

Create More Value & Increase Account Activation

  • Continuous account connectivity
  • Secure access to comprehensive debt data
  • Meaningful experiences for increased LTV
Financial Wellness Apps and Flexible Debt APIs
The Problem
Attracting new members can be tricky, and keeping existing members engaged and happy is even more difficult. How do you activate new accounts and retain satisfied customers?
The Solution
Spinwheel offers a low-code drop-in module that empowers you to quickly launch a customizable member financial experience right within your application. Embedded payments makes for hassle-free refinancing, and builds better member relationships.

Better Outcomes & Benefits

Debt Management API

Empower Your Members Through Meaningful Engagement.

Spinwheel’s embedded finance help you deliver a better debt repayment experience with easy-to-use tools. Set members up for success, inspire loyalty, and increase their debt knowledge with intelligence, auto-payments, and debt management.

Embedded Refinancing Tools

Modern Tools Improve Debt Outcomes for a Win/Win.

Set your members up for debt success with easy-to-use modern embedded refinancing tools. Spinwheel eases the process for borrowers with pre-filled forms and real-time refi advice, all within the app, using our affiliated network or your own. It’s your choice.

Financial Debt API

Comprehensive Data With Connectivity You Can Trust.

Connect once, and done. Spinwheel’s reliable API connection ensures constant access to current account data, for a complete real-time financial debt picture.

Consumer Debt API

Easy Account Controls Builds for a Better Experience.

Members can add any consumer debt account and manage the connected accounts on your platform. All changes and updates made to the connected account from your platform are processed immediately without any extra steps needed.

Stay Vital For a Stronger Relationship With Your Members

Our flexible debt APIs help you to adapt your services and platform to suit your members current stage in life. Be there for them at every eventful milestone along the way. Quickly build new robust features to guide members through the purchase of their first home, automobile, financial planning, and more.

Case Study > Financial Wellness Apps
Personal Financial Management, Financial Wellness, Banking Apps

Qapital is an award-winning app designed to let its customers save, invest, and spend with any goal in mind.

Products Used
  • Connect to Consumer Debt with low-code APIs Connect
  • Debt Syncing and Optimization Optimize
  • Real-time Debt Linking APIs Pay
  • Embedded Financial Solutions Finance

The Problem

After surveying their customers, Qapital found that the top 2 concerns for their 2M+ customers were support with paying off their loans and improving their credit score. In order to address these concerns, Qapital was looking for a robust solution that would allow them to quickly get this started.

The Solution

Using Spinwheel’s APIs and UI drop-in modules, Qapital was able to quickly launch a two-pronged solution to address the top concerns of their users. 

Paying Off Loans: Qapital launched their Debt Wrangler offering that allows their users to:

  • Connect and see all of their loans
  • Understand which loans they should pay off first
  • Make optimized payments on a one-time or recurring basis
  • Understand their refinance options including the impact from a proposed refinance relative to their existing loans
  • Set up a new bank account for auto-debit to save .25% on interest rates

Improving Credit Score: With Spinwheel’s data, Qapital is able to offer their users personalized recommendations on how to improve their credit score. These include options such as: 

  • Scheduling payments on the most impactful debt 
  • Lowering their revolving balance by refinancing debt on high interest credit cards
  • Credit score monitoring
  • Increasing credit limits by opening new credit cards
  • Tracking and optimizing credit card utilization

Spinwheel: Better Outcomes Made Easy

Debt and Loan APIs

Borrower connects their loan account via the app

Debt and Loan APIs

Once authenticated, you have access to their debt information

Debt and Loan APIs

Borrowers can start making payments or refinancing right away