Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Smarter Experiences Pay Off With 4x Greater Engagement

  • Apply member rewards toward paying down debt
  • Add unique value to your rewards program
  • Build greater brand loyalty
Student Debt, Home and Personal Loan APIs
The Problem
It’s hard to compete in an industry flooded with rewards and cashback programs. Inspiring member loyalty can be difficult and hard to manage.
The Solution
Spinwheel offers the option to redeem points that work toward actually paying down debt. Inspire customer loyalty and boost acquisition by 4x through a more rewarding, emotionally satisfying member experience.

Better Outcomes & Benefits

Debt API
Plug-and-Play Gets You Up & Running.
Spinwheel’s low-code, white-label drop-in module makes it ridiculously easy to customize and go live quickly. Also, our debt API eliminates the need for additional 3rd party integrations.
Debt Impact Calculator
Points You Can’t See Are Pointless.
Spinwheel’s impact calculator enables full visibility into how members’ points are working towards repayment of their debt. Members can easily see the impact they’re making and feel the value of your points.
Debt Management API
Manage and Redeem Easily.
Our user-friendly interface makes it simple for anyone to connect, update, and manage their debt accounts. So redeeming points toward any debt has never been easier.
Brand Loyalty That’s Well-Earned.
Earn more loyalty from members by addressing a concern that has the most emotional ties, debt. Help members pay down their debt and get social about the new modern way to redeem points.

Tap Into the Top Financial Concerns of Millenials & Gen Z

Engage and command a higher loyalty from a wider pool of customers with a debt repayment loyalty program. Debt has a high social and emotional value that’ll drive customers to want to get social about it.


Say getting out of debt faster is a top priority


Continue engagement after their first redemption


More engagement from borrowers and debt champions


More points are applied toward debt repayment

Loyalty Points That Really Pay Off.

Spinwheel’s drop-in modules and hassle-free APIs make it simple to launch debt payment benefits. Applying points and cash toward debt repayment gives customers the best value for their buck by reducing the length of their loan period.
Embedded Debt API Solutions

Impact Calculators Add to Debt Success.

Full visibility of their points helps customers see actual progress and brings the peace-of-mind of knowing their debt is being paid. Monitor average spend, cumulative impact in time or dollars, or use the sliding scale to adjust contributions toward debt goals.
Embedded Debt API Solutions

Spinwheel: Better Outcomes Made Easy.

Spinwheel: Better Outcomes Made Easy.


Borrower connects their loan account via the app

Debt and Loan APIs

Spinwheel: Better Outcomes Made Easy.


Once authenticated, you have access to their debt information

Debt and Loan APIs

Spinwheel: Better Outcomes Made Easy.


Borrowers can start making payments or refinancing right away

Debt and Loan APIs