Workplace Benefits Providers

The #1 Workplace Perk on Your Employee Benefit Platform

  • Easy automated pre-tax contributions
  • Fresh comprehensive data to determine eligibility
  • Reliable continuous account connectivity
APIs for Better Loan Management
The Problem
Employee benefit platforms should highlight employers’ value and unique perks to win the talent wars. However, inefficiencies can raise operational costs and add an unneeded friction for the employee, causing decreased activation and engagement.
The Solution
Embed employee debt management to enable direct auto-payments and IRS section 127 pre-tax contributions. Streamline processes with rich, real-time data to instantly identify loan type, payment plan, history, and more to enhance the employee experience and increase engagement by 30%.

Better Outcomes & Benefits

Embedded Fintech Solutions
Boost Efficiency By Removing Friction.
Our embedded fintech solution removes inefficiencies and helps you easily build a complete financial picture that includes loan type, payment plan, transaction history, and more.
Embedded Debt Repayment Tools
Easy Payments For Pre-Tax Contributions.
Free employees from manually making pre-tax contributions by embedding debt auto-repayments into every pay period.
Debt API
Promote Productivity & Reduce Churn.
Our debt API ensures a continuous and secure connection to every account with user-authentication. Stay connected through tokens, not cookies, and reduce user churn by 30%, on average.
Debt/Loan API
Go to Market Even Faster.
Go live faster with our low-code to no-code drop-in module accompanied by a developer-friendly API doc. Spinwheel’s white-label debt API is fully customizable to reflect your brand easily and efficiently.

Address the #1 Financial Concern of Employees

Spinwheel makes it easy for benefit providers to support employees by helping them manage and pay down their debt, while also saving for the future.


See their employee value based on their financial wellness benefits


Expect employers to offer more financial support than pre-pandemic


Prioritize building their retirement funds more than they did pre-pandemic


of employees think employers should help them with up to half of their student loans

Provide Benefits That Attract New Customers.

Spinwheel’s innovative drop-in modules and easy-to-use APIs make it simple to launch pre-tax debt payment benefits. Help your customers grow their employee base by providing this highly desirable benefit.
APIs for Better Loan Management

Onboard Employees Fast.

Help your customers get their employees set up to start paying off their debt quickly. Spinwheel makes it easy to connect all debt accounts into a single platform, so employees are empowered to start making informed decisions for greater impact with each payment.
APIs for Better Loan Management

Spinwheel: Better Outcomes Made Easy.

Spinwheel: Better Outcomes Made Easy.


Borrower connects their loan account via the app

Debt and Loan APIs

Spinwheel: Better Outcomes Made Easy.


Once authenticated, you have access to their debt information

Debt and Loan APIs

Spinwheel: Better Outcomes Made Easy.


Borrowers can start making payments or refinancing right away

Debt and Loan APIs