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Why Spinwheel? It’s the smarter embedded finance solution

Why Spinwheel? It’s the smarter embedded finance solution
December 30, 2021 | 7mins Read

Spinwheel’s endgame is to assist borrowers in creating a healthier relationship with debt using their embedded finance solutions. We are proud to be the debt API industry leader, with our smarter embedded finance solution that allows your app to access comprehensive debt data, automate payments, and refinance immediately while managing debt intelligently. The low-code drop-in style debt API we’ve developed provides businesses with all the tools needed to boost or achieve crucial factors – user engagement, acquisition, and, ultimately, revenue.

Our embedded finance builds healthier debt relationships

How Spinwheel’s debt API and student loan API helps 

We bridge the borrower-business gap with rich debt data. Thanks to the always-connected user-authorized model, businesses can obtain a complete financial picture of the borrower’s debt – and it doesn’t stop there. Real-time comprehensive loan data, along with intelligence to streamline operations, will help businesses rapidly verify, understand, and engage with borrowers for better debt repayment and debt management. 

Better fintech = better financial outcomes for all

Our technology helps your business streamline repayment options by utilizing our direct connection to banks, loan servicers, and other debt issuers. Perhaps you’re looking for instant and accurate loan payoffs, auto-debits made just for a student loan API, auto-payments, early or additional payments, roundups, or simply the ability to use reward points to chip away at debt – Spinwheel’s embedded fintech gives you all of those debt repayment capabilities. Add one or all of our direct and indirect debt repayment options to help borrowers pay off their debt and improve their financial health.

Improve the financial outcome for all with our embedded intelligence. The added intelligence helps educate all stakeholders about the borrower’s debt and advice on the best course of action. Our embedded fintech allows borrowers to also take action within the platform as well.

Spinwheel offers a more strategic approach to tackling debt 

With Spinwheel’s embedded intelligence, you can also take a more strategic approach to debt. Our embedded finance intelligence not only helps your business gain accurate data on users’ debt but also how to optimize them. Customers are likely to find more value and stay engaged when they have a pre-formulated debt repayment strategy already made for them, such as knowing which loans to pay off first when to refinance, and how to maximize their finances to prevent excessive charges. Our embedded fintech also helps you reduce time and money spent on refinancing by offering borrowers fast, hyper-personalized, and intelligent refinancing options, all directly within the app. Your business can achieve a faster turnaround time with the ability to pay off existing lenders in real-time.

The smarter edge in debt solutions 

Here’s a quick takeaway plus more to highlight why Spinwheel gives all financial services the smarter edge in debt solutions that won’t break your bank.

  • Embrace the power of our debt API, student loan API, and drop-in modules to better understand your customer’s requirements and offer them customized refinancing possibilities and debt calculations.
  • Your customers can save hundreds to thousands of dollars by efficiently putting that money to work for them when using our embedded finance services through your app.
  • Debt management can be made more efficient and less time-consuming by allowing customers to make adjustments and updates in real-time.
  • Customers can update and manage their debt accounts right within your app – making the process more simple and integrated into the overall experience.
  • Updates, settings, and most debt repayment activities are processed and reflected in real-time across a group of lenders and debt issuers, rather than just one.

Take advantage of our free sandbox environment and check out our API documentation. Ready to dive in further? We’re more than happy to schedule a demo with you.

Learn more about Spinwheel here or contact our sales team here.


About the author: Spinwheel is on a mission to make it easier to manage debt. Our Loan APIs make it easy to embed consumer loan data, including credit card debt, student loans, personal loans, auto loans, and mortgages, directly into your app or product. With just one connection, you'll be able to help your business and your users improve financial outcomes. We call this Better Debt. Read More >

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