Better Debt


​Embed intelligent debt solutions into any app or service using our industry-leading debt APIs or low code drop-in modules. Transform how your business and your customers see, understand, and act on debt in as little as an afternoon.

Embedded Financial Tech, Loan & Debt APIs Embedded Financial Tech, Loan & Debt APIs Embedded Financial Tech, Loan & Debt APIs Embedded Financial Tech, Loan & Debt APIs Embedded Financial Tech, Loan & Debt APIs

A Debt API Unlike Any Other

With a single call to our simple, dev-friendly APIs, we offer the only comprehensive debt​ ​management platform that improve​s​ outcomes for you and your customers.

Comprehensive Data + Insights
Precision Payments
Embedded + Personalized Refi
Real-Time Debt Payoff
Balance Transfers
Balance Transfers
Account Switching

Case Studies

Optimizing the Largest Consumer Debt Categories

Everything you need – across all major consumer debt categories – with one easy integration.

Student Loans
Credit Card Debt
Embedded Financial Tech, Loan & Debt APIs
Personal Loans
Mortgage Loans
Auto Loans

Plug & Play

Launch within hours!

Our APIs & beautiful, whitelabel drop-in modules make it a snap to create compelling end-user experiences.

Their unique approach of combining intelligence on top of data and payments simplifies something that is often extremely convoluted for both consumers and companies. Charley Ma Former Head of Fintech Sales / Growth Plaid
If you're with a bank, fintech or other organization and want an API to let your users connect, pay and manage student debt in your app, you should talk to Spinwheel. Anil D. Aggarwal CEO, Fintech Meetup. Former CEO of Money20/20 and TxVia (acquired by Google)
Spinwheel's platform is making it easy for any company to create innovative products and services that engage consumers and improve financial outcomes. Jonathan Stein Founder and Chairman of the Board of Betterment

An Uplifting Approach to Paying Down Debt

By combining robust data with actionable insights, Spinwheel gives you the only debt management solution that empowers borrowers to take control of their debt.


A single source of truth for all debt accounts allows for easy, immediate access to fresh loan data.


Spinwheel’s intelligent financial tools take the guesswork out of loan repayment.


Optimized payments keep borrowers on track for real peace-of-mind.

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