1-Click Underwriting
For Risk + Data Science

1-Click Underwriting

Get better underwriting data in just one click

With just a phone number and birthdate, Spinwheel gives you complete visibility into a user’s liabilities, including real-time balances. This data allows you to fully understand their risk profile and complete the underwriting process with ease.

1-Click Underwriting

Solution Benefits

Accurate application information

Go beyond the bureau data

With just one click, we provide you with 100% verified data including real-time balances, payoff amounts for any liability, 9-digit SSNs, existing tradelines and credit scores.

Streamline the user experience

Gone are the days of asking borrowers for dozens of updated statements. Get them straight through the underwriting phase faster by only requiring them to provide their phone number and birthdate.

How it Works

All you need from the borrower is:

  • Phone number.
  • Birthdate.
  • Consent to share.

You’ll instantly access all of the verified data you need to underwrite including:

  • 9-digit SSNs
  • Credit scores
  • Recent & past addresses
  • Full account numbers
  • Current balances
  • Interest rate
1-Click Underwriting
Underwriting Code
For Developers
Easy-to-Embed Debt Solutions
  • Render Spinwheel’s embedded debt connect module on your app
  • Users are presented with a form to enter phone number and date of birth
  • Users receive a text message to verify and consent
  • On the backend you are returned all of their liabilities and data