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For PFMs

1-Click Debt Management

Optimize your customers’ financial health with one click

Become the central financial platform for your customers by providing a complete picture of their financial health. Our 1-Click Debt Management solution allows you to seamlessly display your customers’ liabilities alongside recommendations to optimize their finances.

1-Click Debt Management

Solution Benefits

Linked accounts

All debt in one place

Provide your customers with a holistic view of their finances. Increase linked accounts per user by allowing them to connect all debt lines with one click.

Personalized recommendations

Personalized recommendations

With a complete view of their liabilities, you can retrieve specific, individualized recommendations on the next best action for them to take on their debt based a user’s goals.

How it Works

All you need from the borrower is:

  • Phone number.
  • Birthdate.
  • Consent to share.

You get access to their entire debt profile to provide highly personalized recommendations such as:

  • Which loan to payoff first
  • How to lower their monthly payment
  • Specific lending products that match their needs
1-Click Debt Management
Debt-Management Code
For Developers
Easy-to-Embed Debt Solutions
  • Render Spinwheel’s embedded debt connect module on your app
  • Users are presented with a form to enter phone number and date of birth
  • Users receive a text message to verify and consent
  • On the backend you are returned all of their liabilities and data