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For Lenders

1-Click Direct Pay

Reliably disburse funds to any existing debt

With only a phone number and birthdate, we automatically retrieve every detail you’ll need to disburse funds to any loan or account. This data is 100% verified and you’ll receive full account and billing information, including credit card number and issuer details. We have a network of over 20,000 institutions that you can disburse funds to in just one click.

1-Click Direct Pay

Solution Benefits

Increase Adoption of Direct Pay

A modern approach to Direct Pay

It’s never been easier to increase adoption of Direct Pay. All you need is a phone number, birthdate, and their consent and the user can immediately start making payments.

Decrease Delinquency and Risk

Decrease delinquency and default risk

By ensuring loan proceeds are used to pay down an applicants existing debt, you’ll decrease your delinquency and default risk while also improving your expected profitability.

How it Works

All you need from the borrower is:

  • Phone number.
  • Birthdate.
  • Consent to share.

You can immediately start making payments because you’ll have access to:

  • Existing tradelines
  • Payment details
  • Billing details
1-Click Direct Pay
Direct-Pay Code
For Developers
Easy-to-Embed Debt Solutions
  • Once users connect to their liabilities through our drop in module, you instantly have all of the data required to make payments to over 20,000 financial institutions
  • Create payment requests towards user’s connected liabilities
  • Instantly track the payment request status through webhooks