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For Debt Resolution Providers

1-Click Debt Relief Intake

Get from the first call to customer intake 10x faster

Our technology ensures that credit counselors and debt settlement companies can get 100% verified information including a complete borrower profile, debt info, and real-time credit card balances in just one click. This means no more manual data entry or verification. Plus, you’ll get updated information on the customers’ current debts as needed.

1-Click Debt Relief Intake

Solution Benefits

No more manual data entry and verification

No more manual data entry and verification

In just a few minutes and one single click, you’ll get a complete, verified borrower profile, detailed debt information – including closed accounts – and real-time credit card balances.

Instantly acquire balances

Real-time data updates

Data profiles can be easily updated with verified information. This gives you visibility into the impact of their debt resolution plan.

How it Works

All you need from your client is:

  • Phone number.
  • Birthdate.
  • Consent to share.

You’ll instantly access all of the verified data you need to complete the customers intake including:

  • Real-time credit card balances
  • 9-digit SSNs
  • Credit scores
  • Recent & past addresses
  • Full account numbers
  • Real-time balances
  • Interest rates
1-Click Underwriting
Debt Counseling Intake Code
For Developers
Easy-to-Embed Debt Solutions
  • Render Spinwheel’s embedded debt connect module on your app
  • Users are presented with a form to enter phone number and date of birth
  • Users receive a text message to verify and consent
  • On the backend you are returned all of their liabilities and data